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The Cardomom Mountains are a biodiversity hot spot for international tourists. This mountain is one of the last remaining wildlife corridors in the region and home to leopards, tigers, elephant, sun bears, gibbons, and Siamese crocodiles. The project was established to protect the forest from illegal logging, hunting and clearing for farms which threatens of the ecosystem. It was founded in October 2008 in order to provide sustainable alternative livelihoods to local people while reducing threats to local natural resources.




  • Clean and safe accommodation
  • 1-3 bedrooms in a traditional house with bed, mattress, mosquito net, cotton sheets, blankets, pillows
  • local style toilet and shower
  • Electricity 24/7
  • Provides drinking water,
  • Parking: car, van, motorcycle


By promoting the natural beauty of the region through ecotourism, CBET supports communities and  creates other sources of income for the villagers

  • Mountain Biking
  • Canoeing/ kayaking
  • Trekking
  • Swimming in the rapids
  • Fishing ( rent a boat and line)
  • Wildlife spotting with more than 450 birds species.
  • Taste the local food, including organic vegetables, fish, lobster, prawns and pork..
  • Experiencing traditional livelihoods and enjoy the rural Cambodian lifestyle



Trapeang Roung Community Based Ecotourism site (CBET) is located in the Southern Cardamom Mountains, 150 km from Phnom Penh. Trapeang Roung village is located on Highway number 48 on the road to Koh Kong and the Thailand border.

If travelling from Phnom Penh or Sihanoukville, take a bus or mini van going to Koh Kong city. Ask the driver to drop you off in Trapeang roung.

At this moment we are unable to take booking for this site.





  • Treck or cycle  trough Phlov Rul rok to Phnom Roung, for one day. This trail is recommended for good trekker and bicycler, you will go to the top of Phnom Roung mountain ( Cave mountain) with gorgeous scenery along the way and lots of things to see and explore at the top, including spectacular views, waterfalls, bat caves, wildlife and medicinal plants.
  • Sunrise and sunset at Kbal kampong rapids ( 1 night ): relaxing trip to the Kbal Kampong rapids is nice way to experience the river and see the beautiful sunset and sunrise on the way. This is a perfect time for spotting birds, civet cats, monkeys and hearing the calls of gibbons. You could also visit the remote village of Veal Tapoo by boat ride and see the strange pineapples that grow on the rocks, sampling wild fruit along the way. At the rapids, walk around with nature and take a swim.
  • Visit the impressive waterfall Py Chhorn in the Cardomom mountains. Trek through the jungle with a local guide who will point out the interesting site along the way.



For one or two days you might go :
  • Mountain biking : Phnom Roug ( cave mountain, Damnak Phgniev, trapeang kraing and Veal Tapoo) : Explore the area by bikes. In Phnom Roug, be in the heart of the wildlife, with bats, lesser oriental chevrotain, barking deer and search for wild fruits and flowers. Explore the Preak Poung waterfall, and walk around to see the hornbills, hear the sound of the gibbons and wild chickens. Come back to the village, learn about the local tradition and taste the local tea.
  • The mangrove village adventure : koh kong Khnong Village: Take a boat to the remote village of Koh Kong Khnong where you will discover the area and the wildlife. You will have the chance to go kayaking to the fascinating nearby mangrove forest. Sleep over at night in the comfortable homestay . You could enjoy the nearby beach and watch the sunset before having dinner. You will have the option to kayak or to take a boat to see the glowing fireflies or try out the traditional night fishing with the locals.

Trapeang Roung Community

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